Thursday, June 4, 2009

What I Can Still Do

I was going to use this entry to go ballistic and rail at my fellow Americans for being nincompoops. I was going to sarcastically thank everyone who has paved the dreary future for me and ruined the good jobs we used to have. I was going to rant and rave about everyone's stupidity and love of materialistic things. I was going to.
Lucky for you, America, Aunt Betty gave us our yearly copy of "Daily Guideposts", which I keep handy in the bathroom so that I'm sure to read it on a daily basis. (Because, if you think about it, the bathroom is the ONE place you are sure to go and sit for at least a few moments everyday.) The scripture for today was "God does not show favoritism" - Romans 2:11 (NIV)

No, indeed he does not. But he loves us just the same. So instead of fuming (oh, I'd still like to go ahead and let you have it) I'm going to concentrate on the blessings we still have instead:

I can still walk outside anytime I please. I can come and go as I wish. I can sit on the porch or take a walk. I can still put out birdfeeders and watch the animals fight over it. I can have a dog or a cat. I can have a guinea pig if I want to. (Scratch that, the animal nazi said no.)

I can apply for any job that's hiring. I may not get the job but I still have the freedom to make the choice to try. I can talk to whoever I want to. There's not a law yet that says I can't be friendly. I can smile whenever I want to. The muscles on my face still work so why not?

I can whistle (although it's a very poor excuse for a whistle) while I work. It's not the beautiful whistle my pap had (I didn't get all the good genetics) but it's a cheery little noise that indicates I am content. I can also hum, which sounds even more off key than the whistle.

I can go to church anytime I want to. Every Sunday, or every day. The church is there and I can go. I can send a Thank You card or Thinking of You card, or Hey How Are You card. My hands still work, the post office is still in business and it's always fun to get something besides a bill in the mail.

I can buy stupid things that make no sense. There is no law that says I can't buy fake dog poop to place strategically in other people's homes when I visit. I can go to the county fair or the yearly town carnival. I still have my teeth which means I can eat corn on the cob or a candy apple.

I can share what little I have with whomever I want. No one said I couldn't share. And anyhow, isn't sharing what it's all about? I can still try to set a good example.

I can still make small choices every day to make my life and the world a better place. We could complain and yell and write angry letters to the editor or we can start actually DOING something. It all starts with having a better attitude. Even if you have to fake it at first. So for today, let's start small. Just smile at someone.

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