Thursday, December 8, 2011

If You Happened to Look In My Window Today...

Every now and again I wonder to myself what people would think if they saw what was going on inside my house. For example:

My kitchen looks like a hobo has been using it to hoard random items found on the street. Shoes that don't match, one mitten, three weeks worth of mail piled up and falling off the table. Dishes in the sink. Stuff like that. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Then there's me. I just walked four miles with that crazy Leslie Sansone wearing shorts and two-toned blue knee high socks and sneakers. My hair was plastered back in a pony tail and helped out by two bobby pins in  my bangs. Classic Revenge of the Nerds look. The knee socks gave my legs the appearance of lumpy white stuffed sausages.If someone had rang the doorbell, I would have hid. Now that that's over, I've shucked off the knee socks and started to color my hair starting with just the roots for 20 minutes so I look a lot like Medusa on a bad day. And I'm sitting in front of the computer eating a burrito from Taco Bell (left over from last night.) It's all so weird and random.

On another rambling note, I posted this on facebook and I'll say it again:
Dear Men/Boys/Anyone of the Male Gender,
It is Never ok for you to wear "skinny jeans." And unless you are the actual original Lone Ranger, it is also never ok to tuck your pants into your boots. Never. Ever.


Anonymous said...

Compared to what you may see through my windows most days....this is mild !! LOL ! (I'd rather see men in skinny jeans than those big baggy things with the crotch hanging to their knees and their boxers hanging way out over the top covering their butt cracks ! Jeans tucked in to the boots IS a bit much, tho)


G.S. said...

In re: Paragraph #1--Gram taught you well..just by observing how she lived...Love you #1..On 2-1/2 Men today they used our code...FFR <3