Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Ripple In the Water

Time now for more humorous poetry from my favorite local poet.

I Ripple In the Water
by Kelly C. Baker

My fat, it was floating
And I liked it not
As I lay in the bathtub
The water 'round hot

Where did this come from?
How could this be?
Where did my body go?
This is not me.

The running, the sit ups,
They all make me ouch
I'd rather be home
Watching "Charmed" on the couch

My cards have been dealt out
But my deck was stacked
It'd help if my husband
Quit buying me snacks

"I like a thick woman!"
He says with a smile
And frowns when I lace up
To go run a mile

I don't like it, I hate it
I want it to go
And if I had money
I'd just get lipo

Until then I'll workout
So my thighs don't rub
And float like fat islands
When I'm in the tub


Grandmother Supreme said...

I like the poem, but there's not an ounce of truth in it---right???

Gretta B said...

there is much truth. It's based on an entirely true story.