Monday, April 27, 2009

Humorous Poetry

And now for some humorous poetry written by my favorite local un-published poet- Kelly C. Baker:

"The following was written on January 11, 2006 as I was sitting in my cubicle trying to will the clock to move faster. It always seemed to me that the hours of ten and two were horribly slow and dreadful. And due to the time of year, I was having a little bout of Job-Hate-January. I give you "Ten and Two.""

by Kelly C. Baker

Ten and two, I loathe to see those hours upon thy face,
For ever slow they seem to me, devoid a rythmic pace

Ten and two two, the seconds halt, the minutes cease to flow,
Suspended purgatory, a forlorn worker's woe

Eleven brings us lunch time, a recess for the grown,
And three brings four, the blissful hour when we can all go home

But ten and two, I shake my fist, you are the bane of me,
How dare you creep by dreadful slow, a long eternity.

(Pause for Applause) Thank you, thank you.

And now another fave, This one is dedicated to my good friend, Coffee, written December 3 2005:

by Kelly C. Baker

Dear Coffee,
I love you, l love your smell
you wake me up & I feel swell,
After I chug your taste devine,
you warm me up and clear my mind
I love your chocolate covered beans,
I'd eat them until I turned green
You are my vice, my guilty pleasure,
my coffee mug at work I treasure
Without it, there'd be no You,
and nothing to look forward to
I'd be distressed, dismayed, upsot,
if not for your brimming pot
I grin each time I take a slug,
cause you're my favorite legal drug.

Love, Kelly

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