Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stuck on "Loop"

My dad called me yesterday with an assignment (we're like that show Charlie's Angels- he calls and deals out orders, I go take care of them with well placed roundhouse kicks.) My assignment yesterday was to "Go look at your Pap's cd/dvd player, he says it says "no disc."

O....K.... I guess... I'm really not electronically minded so he'd probably have better luck getting my eight year old nephew to fix it.   But since I have occasion to drive past Pap's more than my other relatives I decided to swing by and take a looksee while I was out running errands.

Pap wasn't home at the time so I plopped down in front of his tv to investigate. As it turns out, my prognosis is that the sensor eye (or whatever that thingy is called) that reads the discs was only recognizing them now and then. Mostly he was right, it would just say "no disc." But every now and then I would get one to work.

So I left a note explaining that to the best of my abilities and told him to call me if he has questions.
Later on in the evening he did.

Me: Hey Pap, how's it going?

Pap: I can't get this thing to work. It says no disc.

Me: Yeah, I know, it only works sometimes.

Pap: Well I have a disc in it.

Me: I know, it was doing that for me too.

Pap: Well how's it supposed to work if it says no disc?

Me: I don't know. I think the sensor is bad in it.

Pap: Well I have the wires hooked up.

Me: I know. It's inside your machine, not the wires.

Pap: Well why isn't it working?

Me: Because the sensor thingy isn't reading the disc.

Pap: Yeah, it says no disc. What buttons did you push to make it play?

Me: Um the same ones you do?

Pap: How did you get it to work?

Me: Luck?

Pap: Well it's not working now. Why isn't it working now?

Me: Pap, it has Alzheimer's. It only works sometimes, when it feels like it. I don't know how it knows when it wants to work and when it doesn't.

Pap: Tell me what button to push.

Me: You're probably pushing the right buttons. It's not your fault, your machine is just going nutty.

Pap: Wait! It says loading.... HEY- there it is, it's playing!!

Me: Yay! See I told you it would work for me sometimes.

Pap: Let me try another one.....Ok, it says "loading."  HA- now it says no disc! How's it supposed to play if it says no disc?

Me: sigh....


Anonymous said...

Good one Kel ! Sounds exactly like an old person ....you would have been better off to go buy him a new one ! lol


Anonymous said...

Anonymous is mean...old people are just old..not stupid...and Pap Guyer held a job that took intelligence...if Pap wants a new one, he will buy it himself!

Kelly B said...

Anonymous didn't say he was stupid, just that it sounded like something an old person would say. (Which is true.) Let's face it, anyone over the age of 33 is technologically challenged these days. I'm 34 and I have no idea how to text. Darn whipper-snappers and their gadgets!